Sugarhouse Casino Review

I stopped at Sugarhouse for the first time after a meeting I recently had in the city. I have seen several promotional billboards and thought I would finally go check it out. The location is along the waterfront in Philadelphia and was very easy to find. There was a ton of parking, but I chose to valet my car as it was late and I’ve heard some negative things about the neighborhood.

The casino itself is nice and has a lot of the typical casino games you would expect to find. I was surprised at the high limits on the blackjack tables however. There weren’t any $5 or $10 tables open for a casual player. There was a slot promotion going on, but since I’m not huge into slots, I didn’t bother signing up for a card.

The waterfront location of the casino itself provides a nice backdrop. There is an outdoor bar area if the weather is cooperating which looked like a cool place to hang out. I grabbed a drink at the back bar and received friendly and quick service. There was a DJ there playing some top 40 hits. The waitress service at the blackjack tables was also pretty attentive. I didn’t eat while I was there, but it didn’t look like there were several dining options like some other local casinos.

Overall, it was a fun place to visit if you are in the city and looking for a little excitement and gaming. I would go back the next time I’m in town.

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